Brief History

Brief history


In the year 1969, we can all vividly recall how Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap for mankind” was, for countless people in the world. Watching him take the first lunar Step caused the entire world to marvel at how vast are the frontiers of human knowledge, and how important it is for us to applaud and encourage those who, like neil ArmStrong, devote their lives to expanding the frontiers.Coincidental or not, this year and time were so important to all of us because this was a time etched in Stone as the birth of Bangui National High School Lanao Campus. This was the expansion of discovery of a new frontier in our neighbourhood. This, didn’t happen by coincidence, nor it was founded by a person named Neil, but it was a product of a dream by our own father , who conceived it, brought it from the womb, and nurtured it…the late Mr. Antonio Pasion. Bangui National High School Lanao Campus, Started in mid-1968 as a class of 55 eager students who can rightfully claim the pioneers of this high school. It started in a very humble setting being an extension of the famous Lanao Elementary School. This group of Students were accommodated in one pre-fabricated school room under the tutorship of the first high school teacher, Mr. Gorgonio Sibayan. During this period of adjustment and assimilation, Mr. Sibayan was getting help from the elementary Staff to somehow give him a break. The foundation was laid down for a new expansion high school and with patience and hope, a teacher named Ms. Marciana Cimatu, who like Mr. Sibayan, embraced the challenges of teaching and nurturing these 55 Students in a very humble yet ideal environment. Few months later, as the Staff (2) and the Students are getting acclimated to high school life, another young, energetic, and vibrant who the Students thought at that time was one new Student, was hired and given a share of the teaching duties. The young vibrant teacher has given the longest tenure of service in this high school and became the principal of the whole Bangui National High School in the person of Mrs. Rosario V. Riego. Early 1969, juSt like the long awaited first lunar Step, marked the opening of our campus, the BNHS Lanao Campus. As we watched Neil ArmStrong’s landing on the moon, we can only significantly rejoice the fact that locally, in our frontier, a window of opportunity has opened to all of us in Lanao and the surrounding communities.
We no longer ride a jeep to go to high school. As the process of building a high school was at its infancy, so was the influx of Students from different surrounding barrios. Three years later, the first student Government Organisation election was held to institute a governing body for the school. The first SGO President was Mr. Romulo Jamorabon. A simple constitution was formed to govern the Students and the whole school, and thus the birth of a full-pledge high school. In 1972, after a combination of staffing, building and moving to a new site, the 55 Students who were fearless in pioneering the adventure, with the incessant persevering Staff that never gave up, with the support of all parents and community leaders, a graduation was held. It seemed like an endless journey, but it went by so fast the graduates were not ready to leave, to go onto new heights because their emotions got embedded into loving this school. Such was the relationship with your first love…your first Step to greatness